Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Haitian Packing List

Okay, this is what I'm hoping to avoid, not hoping to pack!!

As many of you know, I'm a bit of a procrastinator, especially when it comes to getting ready for a trip.  With ten days to go until I leave for Haiti, it's probably time to start gathering supplies.  Usually, I'm a light packer, but I'm heeding the recommendations of HFH and bringing along some special items on this trip, including:

some strong insect repellant to keep away pesky mosquitoes (and malaria and dengue fever!),

a bottle of Chloroquine (anti-malarial pills) in case the mosquitoes just can't resist me,

some antibacterial gel since I'm not a fan of cholera,

sunscreen with a high SPF, as anyone with Swedish and Danish genes should,

rehydration packets since I'm not accustomed to heaving around cement blocks everyday,

clothes that wick away moisture and are breathable in heat....thanks to the Underarmor outlet nearby,

my trusty Merrill workboots that have traveled to Jordan, Thailand and Guatemala,

work gloves dipped in latex...important when working cement so the lye won't seep through and wear away the skin on your fingers!  A lesson learned in Thailand :)

fun bandaids just in case I hammer a thumb,

a Haitian-Creole phrasebook to use with the fantastic families we'll be meeting and working with,

a flashlight as electricity will be limited at the camp, and

toilet paper, a lesson learned in previous trips!

Tents, cots, and netting are provided by HFH.  Hoping mine is as stylish as this:

The most important thing I'll be bringing with me, though, is all of your support!  Thank you sooo much for your donations to HFH Haiti. 

And it's not too late to still donate....We're just $670 away from reaching our goal raising $5000, the cost of building a house for a family in need!!!

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  1. Love your list. Recognize the boots. Look forward to your in-country blogs. Don't forget Dehydrated margaritas.