Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Not Your Uncle's Typical Slideshow

  One month from tomorrow, I'll be sitting on an airplane, heading to my latest HFH build in Brazil.  I'm soooo excited for my upcoming adventure, but before I get wrapped up in visa applications and Amazon trek guidebooks, I want to take some time again to reflect on last November's trip to Haiti.  Want to join me?  I promise that it won't be like your uncle's typical slideshow!

our chartered plane to Port-Au-Prince courtesy of Delta

just outside Port-Au-Prince airport

tent camp outside airport & presidential billboard

no infrastructure

creative businessmen

on the road to Leogane

so many people standing everywhere!

Haitian transportation:  tap taps

dismal living conditions

not sure what he's selling, but love the creativity

market in Port-Au-Prince

Our home for the week was a compound of tents surrounded by high wall with barbed wire.  It was fantastic.  Really!

our camp in Leogane

tents everywhere

Tent #6 roomies
cots & itchy netting in tents

we had sinks

and showers (HUGE spiders were a bonus)

water tanks in camp

the dining hall

Irish dinners served by Haven, a fantastic Irish NGO

the school next door to our camp...notice the  barbed wire!

drop-off at school

rocking his uniform


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on the road to the build site

barbed wire was everywhere!

washing & bathing in the river

or an open pipe

remains of a building

ash and dust covered everything

lots of small rubble still to be cleaned up

some roadside businesses

They were sitting sooo close to the road!

more Haitian transportation

the stairs to nowhere

makeshift homes along the way

a huge community of tent homes sprang up near the build site when word of the project got out

future homeowners

my street address growing up and our house number for the build...It was meant to be!

At the build site, we found lots of lumber

and hurricane clips and nails

and water bottles with electrolyte powder

and the water cooler (!)

and interesting scaffolding

and lots of siding

and lots of security

As I said, there was lots of security!

There were goats to chase

and sugar cane to gnaw on

but once we met the future homeowners

and neighborhood kids

we got right to work,

literally raising the roof!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

The House Dedication

Sad to be leaving the build site on the last day, we knew that soon it would look like


and this

and this!
It wasn't all work and no play, though.  HFH knew that we would need something to take our minds off all we had seen, so in the evenings they arranged for

a fireside chat with the Carters.  JC is as sharp as a tack!

A little concert from Garth and Trisha (who were building during the day),

Irish bonfire sing-alongs

crazy fire dancers

and an outdoor pub hosted by the Irish crew

enjoying some Prestige

hanging with the Secret Service....No scandals on this trip!
 All too soon, it was time to leave our things
donations left behind
 and fly back home.
shaking JC's hand again!