Monday, September 5, 2011

I've Got a Feeling, Woo Hoo!

     My classroom library is organized, pencils are sharpened, and I just packed my lunch.  I'm ready for tomorrow!  Although I'm sad to see summer come to an end, there is something magical about the first day of school.  Children burst through the doors, brimming with excitement and hope, new beginnings and endless possibilities.  It's impossible not to get caught up. 

     As many of you already know, I've traveled to different places around the world with Habitat for Humanity.  Working on a HFH build is like the first day of school....Everyone is filled with excitement and hope, aware of new beginnings and possibilities.  And we're usually surrounded by neighborhood kids when they're not in school :)

     For those of you who aren't teachers or who haven't worked on a HFH site, I'd like to share some of this magic with you through a few photos I've taken on past builds.

Giggling boys in Guatemala

Learning Spanish playground songs in Guatemala

More giggles in Guatemala

Girl Power in Jordan

Supervisors on the Cinderblock in Jordan

My Arabic grammar teacher in Jordan

A young Hmong girl in Thailand

Future HFH homeowners in Thailand

A photo taken by a friend just returned from Haiti

     And since I'm in teacher mode again, I've got a little homework for you:  Go to the links below and learn about some children in Haiti.  Then, if you are able to do so, please donate to HFH Haiti and help bring some hope and a new beginning to a family in need.  And have a great school year!

A Haitian Dream:  I Want More For My Kids (short video clip)

Hopes of a Teenage School Girl in Port-Au-Prince (article and short video clip)

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