Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No hammers but lots of monkey tails and a great video

     Humid, hot, sticky, oppressive.  Not the weather forecast you want to hear if you plan on spending your day replacing a roof.  The wise people at Prince William County's HFH affliate had the same thought this morning as they postponed work on a local house.  No hammers today.  I had been looking forward to climbing around on a roof, pulling up old shingles, but my sunburn-prone face was a bit relieved.
     Humid, hot, sticky, oppressive.  Now those are exactly the words you want to hear if you plan on making and eating monkey tails (frozen bananas covered in chocolate and dipped in nuts or sprinkles).  So that's how I spent my day instead.  Can you blame me?

Ok, this is not a photo of the monkey tails I made, but mine were just as delicious!

    I also started reading a new book by Paul Farmer....Look for a future blog entry on this amazing doctor who has worked in Haiti for years.  And I found a fantastic video that shows the work that I'll be involved with on my trip to Haiti.  Grab your own tasty summer treat and enjoy the clip below!

And for those of you who live in Prince William County with me, take a look at the local HFH affliate's website:  If you volunteer, I guarantee that you'll meet some amazing people, have a wonderful time, and maybe even learn how to install a window or use some fun new power tools!!



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